New Deulen Safety Fence

Patent pending

"Wood" Magazines Innov8
2015 Award Winner!

Push blocks and push sticks work great at keeping hands away from a spinning table saw blade, but they can actually interfere when ripping narrow stock. The Deulen Safety Fence screws to your existing fence and lets you safely rip stock as narrow as 1/8″. Here’s how it works: As the tail of the work piece reaches the edge of the table, you simply turn the crank handle to kick out the “driver foot”, which rotates down and behind the end of your board and feeds it through the blade. Two hold-downs and one hold-in (all included) keep the stock tight to the table and fence for precise rip cuts. The threaded nylon “driver foot” replaces with one screw, and does not activate skin sensing devices such as SawStop or Bosch Reaxx saving you money. We will soon offer accessories for attaching to several different woodworking tools in minutes.

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Our goal is to get this finger and eye protection safety

device in all our schools and train our dis-abled veterans to

make them.  We can help prevent our future Musicians &

Surgeons from losing eyes and fingers in shop class and,

create hundreds to thousands of proud good paying jobs for

the Men and Women who’ve risked their lives to keep our

great country safe. Thank you for your support!

“God Bless America”